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Monday, December 31, 2012

last entry in 2012

holla people
too many things to be updated
but lack of time

i had attended 2 beautiful wedding
1st dekat ampangan
2nd dekat

let's talk about 1st wedding

n partner in seremban

tuan pnya blog nk posing jap

their guest book
raja sehari

the buffet

nasik kenduri
me n mahirah
during her solemnization
i heart the pumps and also
the theme colour

my wedding gift
and she is truly happy to received this

2nd wedding is

zila and partner in kl

congrats zila
tak sempat nak jmpa zila
since dya still ats pelamin
n we were rushing
and hope she love the present

 zila n her hubby
jeles tgk pinggang zila yg sgt ramping

her pelamin
she looks like miss nina
inside the hall

me just too much overloaded in love with my penny dress

the food

next story will be about my free sample
tq laurier

i just received a call from jusco
another win
i'll be receiving another perfume
my prize for ipanema contest will be send on 2-3 january
i'm truly happy
i won to much prize for 2013
from make up to perfume
and i'm wishing
to win
from perfume to cash or IT items

few of important wish list had be done in 2012
which is
naikkan pointer
even cket sgt
at least naek

fit kn badan
at least i have one month doing workout

dugaan paling besaq
bila ira saket

my short vacation in kl cannot be uploaded in this entry because overloaded already
hope to see all of you in next year
happy new year people

#nak start pikiq new wishlist


Zila Zainal said...

awaaaakkk tq for coming! tak sangka sangat awak datang. haih.. kalau tunggu sket lagi, sempat amik gambar atas pelamin :(

and yess i love the present! tq sangat2! :D

*wink* said...

hihi..kita malu nk ambk gmbq ats plamin zila..btw..have a happy married