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Sunday, March 11, 2012

review on biore facial foam pure mild

like my previous entry
i would like to make a review on a free things that i got

it was a biore facial foam pure mild

this afternoon
i went to queensbay 
and i brought this "magic" things
as i went to perform my prayer i use this
and found it was some kind of miracle
and i think i should share with all of you


just put a little
it is enough 

washing process

our skin was designed in such renew itself every 4 weeks but dirt and sebum clog them from renew
but dont worry girls
the new biore with advanced skin purifying technology which focus on removing dirt and sebum on skin
it also don't harm our skin 
so our skin will be free from dirt and sebum
a healthy skin...
like this..

it is different than before
much more clear skin

so i would fully recommended to you the new biore foam
you can visit them at their facebook
erm Biore
could you give me more free sample please
this is not enough
i wanna more...
tq biore  


cAmca Dan GArpu said...

nak try kat umah nanti...hehhehe

*wink* said...

hahah..ok2...try laa