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Monday, December 31, 2012

last entry in 2012

holla people
too many things to be updated
but lack of time

i had attended 2 beautiful wedding
1st dekat ampangan
2nd dekat

let's talk about 1st wedding

n partner in seremban

tuan pnya blog nk posing jap

their guest book
raja sehari

the buffet

nasik kenduri
me n mahirah
during her solemnization
i heart the pumps and also
the theme colour

my wedding gift
and she is truly happy to received this

2nd wedding is

zila and partner in kl

congrats zila
tak sempat nak jmpa zila
since dya still ats pelamin
n we were rushing
and hope she love the present

 zila n her hubby
jeles tgk pinggang zila yg sgt ramping

her pelamin
she looks like miss nina
inside the hall

me just too much overloaded in love with my penny dress

the food

next story will be about my free sample
tq laurier

i just received a call from jusco
another win
i'll be receiving another perfume
my prize for ipanema contest will be send on 2-3 january
i'm truly happy
i won to much prize for 2013
from make up to perfume
and i'm wishing
to win
from perfume to cash or IT items

few of important wish list had be done in 2012
which is
naikkan pointer
even cket sgt
at least naek

fit kn badan
at least i have one month doing workout

dugaan paling besaq
bila ira saket

my short vacation in kl cannot be uploaded in this entry because overloaded already
hope to see all of you in next year
happy new year people

#nak start pikiq new wishlist

Thursday, December 27, 2012

farah birthday bash

birthday farah
act 26 dec
kami celebrate awal
minggu nie all of us was busy
esp me n farah
guess what

hari rabu..
ad test yang susah tahap nk menangis
lg 5 mnit nk hbis masa
bru habis lukis wiring yg tak confirm btul
n tyme tu
part theory still lubang2..
then khamis..
nk submit long report
yg nie memang slah dri sndr
lengah2 kn kerja
dah tu boleh pulak tak study langsung telecomm eng

as we decided to make home made cuppies
is a bit challenging

oreo topping

all dish on that day

colourful topping

pasta goreng


le roomate

bufday girl

bufday girl with her birthday banner

bubble bear




atin n farah

caught in action

comot gila

5 of us

 also 5..
hi five jom
excited nau..

riang ria

gamer pro

both of us

nie no caption

happy 20 bithday to farah
ikhlas dari mak, bubble bear, syaiqa n atin

Monday, December 24, 2012

roommates day out

as we are celebrating something big
for one of us
nak makan dekat seoul garden
tapi fully book

at last
we decide
to have some pizza

pizza tempura again

muka blurr

xda gmbq kembar melekat laa pulak

syaiqa tido

kerja kami
sengih aje

the drink

side dish

still heart this..

makan time

our big portion


volcano cake yg sentiasa marvelous


nanti one of us dah xda
xda orang nak kacau mak dah
ari tu ad masuk contest pizza
hopefully menang hadiah saguhati
u know why??
sbb hadiah dya voucher MYR 500
klau yg laen
ipad lah
s3 lah
living room pnya renovate lah..
till we meet again

Thursday, December 20, 2012

freebies stock in December and a bit of sarah's story

too much busy
too much lazy actually

kalau dulu
nk period sakit perut
but now
rasa malas for the whole week
new trend konon

so here
my freebies stock

libresse again
thanks a lot guys

perfume la vie est belle
by lancome

happy family
was at home
and wacthing pororo together
guess y

sarah kena saket mata
besa lah
padah gomol2 dengan dya
pakat jangkit ramai2
(nasib baek tak gomol lebih2 ari tu)

nasib baek tak kena saket mata
kalau tak
rindu pada ira makin membuak buak..
dulu saket mata
ira yg tolong letak ubat
speed recovery..
we miss u