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Saturday, November 17, 2012

new semester

 my new sem will be start tomorrow
final sem for my diploma actually
it is fake
if i said
i'm not nervous at all

my mental was not prepared yet
oh my
physically yes
i got some shopping yesterday

personal item actually
what did i basically need as my toiletries 
and also
that i called big spender
for me only
people will said
huk aloh
hat tu pown nk kecoh

the petite ace plus is mine
i can't afford to buy note 2 yet
that sexy note 2 belongs to azah

owh azah
we shared the same interest in gadget since the 1st tyme i know her
hp sony pink pown sma
just azah pnya wana hitam
azah had been used ace in the past 6 month before she buy sexy note 2

i buy this ace in hurry
because we are getting back to Malacca..
(in penang especially in carefour  you may got the best price ever)

#let's have ironing session for my class attire