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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

sing away your summer days with sunway lagoon

the question is
Tell us what is the one song that will remind you of your first love and how it became YOUR love song?
 what will be your reaction if i said..
it was 
redline by shizuka

when the people get into the redline
i'll never let you to go..
it was you 

i have forget the lyrics
i'm just kidding about the song
of course it will be a kind of romantic song
it is a malay song
sing by duta & baizura kahar
i give to him when 3 or month after we know each other

i still remember that moments very clearly
we went to dinner 
at pantai timur ( a restaurant near mmu melaka)
i bring my laptop just to show him the video clip of this song
my laptop weight is equal to a little elephant(hahhaha)
i have to bring it down since my hostel was in the third floor 
just only to show him that video
we did sang the song together in the car
luckily it's not raining after we sang..

commercial break

then during his semester break
few month after that incident 
i go to mydin
buy some of my stuff
at the time i'm really missing him
mydin fm
tune the song
*separuh jiwaku pergi *
soo touch ok
-the end-

why did i wrote all of this???
i wanna win a pair of ticket
london summer musical 
at sunway lagoon