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Friday, November 26, 2010

farhana=sad gurlz

                   beta xlyak utk hdp kt dunia nie
btoi ckp my mum...
hurm..i try 2 prove 2 my mum
dat i'm not mnyusahkn dya
but i failed

i you could read dis
try 2 understand me...
i don't remember...
when actually your last kiss
towards me
hold me tightly..
i'm soo jealous..
wif my fwenz...
who always get their mum kiss
blh mnja2
still remember..
in my 15 bufday...
i ask 4 a kiss from you...
as a present..
but u don't wanna give me...

if i'm not mistaken..
a week b4 my bufday...
i met elmy's mum..
n her mum 
give me a big hug n kiss
that's y i ask from u
i just wanna feel
what other's feel
a month b4 the result came out
go 2 ira's house
n her mum give a kiss n hug
i wanna cry..
y mum own mum can't give me
am i 2 annoying her

wahai hati
tlg la snyum
tlg stop menangis...
bdan..jgn demam
beta xska

i try 2 make u comfort wif me
i'm not your real daughter
tell me where do i belong..
i wanna attension from u...
like other's have..

can i borrow someone's shoulder...
i wanna cry again n again
i'm thiking bout someone..who always
try 2 be my hankerchief...
thanks a lot...


handkerchief said...

dont be sad, ok
you should think positive..
maybe your mom thought that you are already a big girl..kisses are just for small girl..
maybe your mom tired of working,,
i think you should try to understand her rather than she understand you..
then you will know how to make her happy..
if she is happy, of course you will be happy right..
what your mom said to you are just from her mouth, not from her heart,, in her heart, she is always love you..
don't hate your life..
always think positive n pray to Allah..

*wink* said...

thanks..i'll try

*wink* said...

thanks..i'll try